What is Salad Bowl USA?

Salad Bowl USA is an online shop selling the [COUNTRY] in the USA graphic on a variety of items, such as t-shirts, hoodies/sweatshirts, mugs, etc.

The store is a passion project and side hustle of Peter Korchnak, an immigrant to the United States from Slovakia. In 2011, while writing his blog, American Robotnik, about his experience immigrating to the U.S. and integrating into the host society, he developed a graphic that captured an immigrant’s experience in a simple, visual way: the immigrant’s home country flag locked into the borders of continental U.S.

Out of that simple but powerful idea an initial Zazzle store was born, back in 2011. Following initial success without any additional promotional work and a hiatus for world travel, in 2016 Peter launched the idea for real, and Salad Bowl USA is its manifestation.

Why “salad bowl”?

Salad bowl is a more accurate metaphor than melting pot for the United States. While the melting pot suggests individuals’ cultural or national identities get blended together into a single American one, salad bowl suggests people retain their original identities while the overall combination forms American culture.

Why does each product/country have a limited range of color variations?

We cribbed each country’s shirt colors from the colors of its national football (soccer, in the U.S.) team, per the Colours of Football website.

If you wish to see (and purchase) the graphic on an additional color t-shirt, check out the options and email us with a request. Not applicable for sweatshirts and mugs.

I don’t see my country among those offered. Can you add it?

Absolutely. We add new countries and products with their designs frequently (somewhat randomly) and welcome suggestions to prioritize yours. Email us and we’ll make it happen, plus you’ll receive a 10% OFF coupon for your first purchase.

Why are certain countries on sale and not others?

Salad Bowl USA offers discounts on certain products for various reasons. Listed below are those that are on sale permanently. We also aim to put on sale products of a country around its independence day or its equivalent, e.g. July 1 for Canada or October 1 for China.

  • Slovakia: This is where the Salad Bowl USA founder comes from.
  • Czech Republic: Formerly a part of Czechoslovakia, where the Salad Bowl USA founder was born. Czechoslovakia’s flag was identical to the Czech Republic flag. Long story.
  • Mexico: This should be obvious.
  • Vietnam, Panama, Afghanistan, and other countries the United States has invaded or fought wars with.
  • Palestine and other oppressed countries or nations.
  • Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen are the seven countries listed in the January 27, 2017 “Executive Order: Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.”